Same Game, New Rules

For many of us, the work we do is in support of something else; a colleague, a department, a strategic business unit or direct business with an external organization.

In his book Same Game New Rules, Bill Caskey takes a different look at how we sell ourselves, our goods and our services, proposing a deeper level of thought about how we conduct these business relationships. Its not about features and benefits; its not about trying to do more or work harder. Its about facilitating the clients sharing of information with you that he wouldn’t ordinarily share. And to do it in a way that is helping him do three things: understand his real problem, understand the value we bring in helping him solve those problems and getting his problem solved.

Caskey writes that our level of success in business is dependent upon how well we translate our value to our customer.  With this intent, we raise our odds of success.

It therefore is no great leap to think in terms of our success with others being dependent upon how well we translate ourselves to them.

Bill Caskey: “If you want to change your results, you must change your actions. And if you hope to change your actions over a sustained period of time, you must change your thoughts.”


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